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New eatery opens at Indian Springs

Just in time for the start of the golf season, a new eatery, Crostini at The Springs, began serving up food at Indian Springs in Middlefield.

Crostini at The Springs, which took over the space known previously as Fairweather Cafe, opened officially on April 4.

Branford resident Giovanna Mazzariello heads the new operation, and the Indian Springs website states that she "will be instilling her magical Italian flare" to the menu.

“We do lots of sandwiches, sides, and we’re really just a family-friendly place,” said Mazzariello, pointing out that her personal favorite is the "Fairway Fish Filet" – beer-battered cod with lettuce, tomato, pickles, pepper jack cheese and house-made Cajun mayo on a toasted roll.

She said her favorite dish to make is "Greens in Regulation," a quinoa burger with fresh spinach, Mediterranean tomato salad and hummus on a wrap.

Crostini at The Springs serves breakfast and lunch, and diners can eat inside or on the patio overlooking the golf course.

"Chip in Chicken" is popular at the Mack Road restaurant. It’s seasoned grilled chicken breast with melted Swiss cheese, grilled onions and honey mustard mayo on a toasted hard roll.

In the morning, Mazzariello’s muffins are a hit. Those muffin offerings have included banana bread chocolate chip, blueberry cheesecake, double chocolate cherry, and more.

“The muffins go very quickly for us,” Mazzariello said. “I have a muffin restaurant at my family’s business, and they are always so popular.”

Yes, Mazzariello is well-acquainted with the food service industry. Her family owns Crostini Breakfast and Lunch in Branford, and Mazzariello said the idea of opening a second Crostini's was intriguing to her.

She began talking with Indian Springs management last year.

“[W]e had discussed me coming up and opening a restaurant last season,” Mazzariello said. “I wasn’t quite ready to do that yet, and then this year, I had some life and business changes. I wondered if that restaurant still happened to be open.”

Crostini at The Springs welcomes golfers as well as the general public, and take-out is available.

The restaurant can be reached at 860-503-8831. 



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