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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Experienced hands


I am supporting Christine Geraci, Norm Hicks and Bob Moore for RSD13 Board of Education. They not only have the right backgrounds and involvement with the school system, they also have represented Durham exceedingly well in support of our regional school system. They are earnest, top-quality individuals and hold the greatest concern for the well-being of our children and taxpayers.

We are facing so many unknowns here and abroad. I want experienced hands guiding our school system.

Martin W. Anderson, Durham

Honored to serve


For the past three years, I have had the privilege of serving on the RSD13 BOE and, boy, what a roller-coaster it has been! Prior to the current pandemic, the BOE was already in the midst of major changes, and now, with these uncertain times, we need experience more than ever. Therefore, it is my honor to be nominated to run for another term.

With over 15 years of financial and accounting experience, as well as being a wife, and mother of twin girls, I value our community and want to make a difference.

When I was first elected, one of my goals was to represent our special needs children, and I will continue to advocate for students of all abilities.

I started Differences Day in our district to teach students empathy and understanding towards disabilities. I also have attended many events to show my support for the students in all schools – from art shows to musicals to sporting events.

For the past two years, I have been BOE treasurer and bring my financial expertise to the table during budget season.

It’s not easy dedicating countless hours and trying to find compromises to please all taxpayers of Durham and Middlefield. However, I assure you that I will listen and keep an open mind. We need to during a time like this.

Please go out and vote for Geraci, Hicks and Moore on Tuesday, June 30.

Christine Geraci, Durham

New ideas needed


I am pleased to have been nominated for a seat on the RSD13 Board of Education. I served on the BOE from July 2016 through June 2019, and respectfully request Durham voters put me back on the board.

I respect the Town Times' 300-word limit, but for the breadth and depth of RSD13's challenges – past, present and future – 300 words is insufficient. I have laid some thoughts out online at augur.altervista.org/psaforboe.html.

I was happy to see two new faces nominated as well. I think Jay Stone's background serving our country and our community and Kirstin Olszewski's finger-on-the-pulse of the local real estate market and what is (and isn't) attracting people to town, would be two fresh perspectives I would welcome to the BOE. They've got my vote!

Phil Augur

No trainingneeded


This fall students and teachers will return to an educational landscape that no one could have imagined. It is when faced with these unique and pressing challenges that it becomes important to rely on experience to guide us through.

That is why I encourage all those in Durham to vote for Christine Geraci, Norm Hicks and Bob Moore to represent us on the Board of Education. I feel that these are the best possible candidates to give our district what it needs to lead a safe and sensible transition to the classroom.

Throughout their tenure on the board, I have been impressed by their dedication to students and teachers. In a town like Durham it is important to make schools, and their subsequent funding, a top priority. They are the reason that many people, including myself, moved here to start a family. These candidates recognize that and have worked to give students and teachers what they need to thrive.

This is no time for learning on the job. We must keep those who have the experience and the knowledge in their current positions on the board so that they can navigate a complex and uncertain future.

Michael Czarkowski, Durham 

Essential lives


I am responding to Mr. Tuttle’s June 12 Letter to the Editor, specifically about his view of the phrase “Black Lives Matter.”

One thing that he got very right was the Orwellian phrase “all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.” Mr. Tuttle implied that people who say BLM believe that they are entitled to get more than other people. This notion is as far from the truth. Historically, it is white society that believes it is “more equal.”

People who are offended by BLM need to look deeper, much deeper. The people who created the phrase BLM mean that African American people need to be on a level playing field.

Go back to the hundreds of years of African Americans being enslaved while the white society grew, prospered and accumulated wealth, assets and positions in our country. It's kind of like a road race, where certain people get a head start. How can anyone hope to compete against that?  

Being white gives one a head start in most cases. If you don’t believe that, then you’re not paying enough attention.

My hope is that the next time you hear or see the phrase “Black Lives Matter,” you’ll realize that it is a call to an awareness that African American lives matter, too. Certainly, the way white society looks at and treats this segment of our population suggests they are expendable.

An unconscionable position.

In fact, I emphatically feel that black lives don’t just matter, but rather they are essential.

As activist and author Kimberly Jones said on her YouTube video: “You’re just lucky that we’re only looking for equality and not revenge."

David Zemelsky, Durham



I am writing this letter in support of all three of our incumbent Board of Education members, Christine Geraci, Norm Hicks and Bob Moore.

As a teacher in the district for 10 years and a resident of Durham for 22 years, I have been constantly impressed with their ability to maintain high-quality education and outstanding resources for teaching. And they have done so while producing a net decrease in the school budget over the past five years.

Re-elect Geraci, Hicks and Moore to maintain consistency in these uncertain times!

Matt Taber



I would like to comment on the commentary by Brendan Rea in the June 5 Town Times. He wrote a wonderful article about kayaking through the Coginchaug Swamp (Durham Meadows). As I read his writing I could visualize every word, as I also have boated through the swamp, from Wallingford Road to Middlefield Road – 60 years ago –before the beavers were in there. 

It’s nice to know that some people do get out into nature to enjoy the wildlife and our environment.

Thanks for writing, Brendan. Stay well.

George Roberts, Durham





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