Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

An outstanding choice


Middlefield resident Mike Skelps is an outstanding choice in the upcoming Republican primary on Tuesday, Aug. 11. Mike has served our town as a member of our Board of Finance and the Zoning Board of Appeals. His great citizenship extends further as the organizer of the Sprint into Spring fundraiser, that benefits our food bank and other project in town.

His background as a small business owner and his MBA degree will all serve him well at the capitol to deal with the serious financial challenges that have besieged Connecticut for many years.

The time is now for a small town like Middlefield to have an outstanding voice in the state legislature!

Ed Bailey,
First Selectman,

Puttingcitizens first


Mike Skelps is a dedicated, faithful servant to Middlefield and Rockfall. He has constantly and consistently put the needs of citizens first.

His resume is impressive as a member of the Board of Finance, the Zoning Board of Appeals, Assistant Registrar of Voters, and Lions Club President. Mike has demonstrated leadership and sound decision-making in these roles and we would be fortunate to have him represent us in Hartford as the state representative from the 82nd District, which includes Middlefield and Rockfall.

Mike will bring a new voice and fresh perspective – something desperately needed at the state capitol – to get Connecticut moving again in the right direction!

Registered Republicans, please vote in the primary for Mike Skelps on Tuesday, Aug.11.

Nick Faiella

We need Skelps


I have known Mike Skelps for 12 years and can attest to his integrity and genuine desire to help others and serve his community.

As a member of the same civic organization, it has been my pleasure to work beside him. I have watched Mike during his terms as treasurer of our club, plan and budget so that our treasury was secure and managed responsibly. His dedication to fiscally responsible leadership is a trait that I want in my state representative.

Mike will put his MBA to good use, by diving into Connecticut’s budget and looking at areas for improvement. He will represent our district in Hartford with the same dedication that he demonstrates serving our town as a member of the Board of Finance.

Mike Skelps needs to win the primary on Tuesday, Aug. 11 so he can concentrate on winning the election in November. I ask my fellow registered Republicans to vote for him on Aug. 11.

Melissa Kowal

The rightcandidate


There is a well-respected, viable candidate running for the 82nd House District and he’s from right here in Middlefield! His name is Mike Skelps.

It’s time to have direct representation in Hartford, someone who will put the needs of Middlefield/Rockfall residents first. A small town like ours has unique issues. Having a voice at the capitol would make a difference for our little town.

Mike is a public servant who has already made a difference through his service in the Lions Club and on the Board of Finance. His actions have been in the best interests of Middlefield and Rockfall. If you are a Republican, you owe it to yourself and to your town to vote for Mike Skelps in the GOP primary on Tuesday, Aug. 11.

Ken Hinsch

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