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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


No transparency


I learned at last week's meeting of the Board of Education that they have taken action to change over the district schools' heating systems from oil to natural gas.

Such an undertaking should be in consort with the town leaders along with the residents. This is just another indication of how the Superintendent of Schools and BOE choose to deny the populace a vote in matters of importance. They cannot claim transparency and look the other way.

The removal cost of the furnaces, and other infrastructure to accommodate the new design needed, will be very expensive. Also, now is the time to recognize that we should be diligent in excluding fossil fuels when they have been directly linked to global warming.

Consider the actual problems associated with natural gas: methane leakage. One of the most damaging greenhouse gases, it leaks throughout the extraction, transportation and burning processes. Carbon, also, escapes into the atmosphere from operating plants. Worse, is the real possibility of an explosion when hookups and pipes fail.

I encourage everyone to seriously consider the fallout of the current plan and request that contact be made with local officials regarding this issue.

Donia Viola

Vote Francis


Laura Francis is looking toward the future of Durham’s economic growth. As a member of the Durham Economic Development Commission and former business owner in Durham, I assure you that one of Laura’s main goals is to support our businesses as a public official and as a loyal customer.

Laura helped the EDC engage an economic development consultant with whom we began to lay the foundation for future growth.

With Laura’s assistance, our commission is conferring with the Connecticut Economic Resource Center to serve as our consultant for continued advancement.

Laura has the Morganti family’s vote.

Janet Morganti

Middlefielddoes it right


The state legislature and the governor still don’t get it. They continue to tax and spend their way through our wallets.

In Middlefield, we are so fortunate to have First Selectman Ed Bailey and Selectman Bob Yamartino steering our fiscal ship. Their years of effort have made Middlefield the “fiscal envy” of other small towns (and many large cities).

At a time when the state budget continues in perpetual chaos due to the Democrats’ control, Middlefield is actually reducing the tax burden on homeowners. A rare feat indeed.

For more fiscal stability in our town, please re-elect Ed Bailey and Bob Yamartino on Nov. 5.

Kathleen Kokoszka

Keep Durhamspecial


Durham certainly is a very special place. It's remarkable how it has remained a quaint New England town while meeting all the growing needs of a vital community. Laura Francs has played a major role in making that happen.

As all of Connecticut struggles to regain its economic footing, Durham has stood out.

Recently, Durham was named second in the state in real estate recovery. It's no surprise that families want to move here. As part of Durham's legislative team, I have seen firsthand Laura's incredible leadership and her ability to work with everyone. She is a respected municipal expert who everyone seeks out for advice.

Laura has devoted so much to the town she loves. Join me in supporting Laura Francis for reelection and keep Durham the very special place it is and continues to be. 

State Rep.
Noreen Kokoruda

Backing Bailey


First Selectman Ed Bailey has proven leadership that has kept Middlefield moving forward.

We are indeed fortunate to have Ed Bailey as a tireless, dedicated leader who puts the needs of residents first in every decision that he makes.

The office of first selectman should not be taken lightly: it is a full-time, challenging position that requires countless evening meetings in addition to a rigorous daytime schedule.

The dedication that Ed Bailey has demonstrated in 10 years on the Board of Selectmen is amazing and shows a deep love and commitment to our town.

Vote for Ed Bailey, First Selectman.

Jon Brayshaw