Letters to the Editor

Backing Skelps


As a neighbor and friend, I rely on Janine Skelps to help with any neighborhood issues.

Janine is a neighbor to lean on – for watering plants while we’re away, to simply sharing a front porch coffee. This approachable, friendly candidate has my vote.

I want a Town Clerk who is neighborly and reliable. Janine has pledged to be at Town Hall one night a week, expressing her flexibility from Day 1. She wants a better way of meeting the needs of residents. Isn’t that the kind of representation we deserve? 

Vote Janine Skelps for Town Clerk on Nov. 2.

Kim Rowe

Community first


Middlefield is fortunate to have a dedicated volunteer — who puts our community first — as a candidate for Town Clerk. I got to know Janine Skelps when she joined the Middlefield Lions Club over 10 years ago. She immediately became an active member, serving on the Board of Directors and as Treasurer. Her leadership has made a difference in our club and our community.

Janine’s attention to detail will make her an excellent Town Clerk who will put the needs of residents first. Please join me in voting for Janine Skelps for Town Clerk on Tuesday, Nov. 2.

Melissa Kowal

Morganti for P&Z


I write this letter in support of Janet Morganti’s election to Durham’s Planning and Zoning Commission.

I have witnessed Janet’s efforts and dedication to the town in her role as chairperson of the Economic Development Commission. She is always open to listening and understanding the issues before her. She values other’s opinions and will work to seek a balanced approach in creating regulations that promote growth and preserve and protect the things we value. Please join me in voting for Janet!

Joseph Pasquale

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