Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Vote Parker


I am impressed with John-Michael Parker’s energy, his belief that we all deserve the same attention and respect from our government, and his ability to relate to our residents.

His website, jmp4ct.com, explains what John-Michael sees as important issues in CT.

John-Michael’s  experiences as a teacher and as executive director of Arts for Learning, CT reflect his dedication to service. I can’t think of anyone better qualified to represent our young to senior populations here in Durham and in Madison than John-Michael Parker. He has my support for state representative of the 101st district!

Marilyn Horn

Tireless advocate


I am writing to express my support for John-Michael Parker and his candidacy for State Representative in CT's 101st district. John-Michael is an enthusiastic, conscientious person with a strong community mindset and dedication to helping others.

Importantly in this day and age, John-Michael has a pragmatic and independent approach to solving our state’s problems through open, honest listening and consensus building. Durham and Madison would be well-served to have such a tireless advocate working for us in Hartford.

Andrew Taylor

Normalcy, now


If you want a return to national normalcy, vote Democratic. If you want a return to decency, vote Democratic. If you want a return to competency, vote Democratic. If you reject perfidy, cronyism, nepotism and the cult of personality, vote Democratic. If you reject the targeted, politicized and personalized application of the rule of law, vote Democratic.

Policy differences can wait. The historical moment is too important. Vote Democratic on Nov. 3 and help restore our national character and the regrettable mistakes of the recent past.

Christopher Meisenkothen

Straight-line voter


I have two asks of the good people of Durham. First, please vote. Exercise your civic responsibility and don’t leave decisions regarding your representation to others.  Second, vote your values. The Democratic Party has clear and consistent values – traditional values – that you’d think would be the common ground of both parties. Truth, justice and equality, to name a few. It will take more than one man, one administration, one party, to cause me to abandon my view of democracy and love of this country. 

Send a message, from the bottom of the ballot to the top. Vote Democratic. 

Phil Muzio

Reelect Candelora


An elected official’s character can be measured many ways. Although Representative Candelora has a tremendous voting record and is consistently recognized as one of the most fiscally-responsible members of the House, it’s his constituent service that sets him apart.

This past year, Candelora partnered with a local farmer who applied for a USDA program. This program allowed fresh produce to be delivered to residents in North Branford and Durham, free of charge. With so many families struggling during the pandemic, this was a much-needed endeavor.

Please support Vin Candelora this November. He truly understands what it means to help his constituents.

John Szewczyk

Great candidates


We have great Democratic Party choices in Durham’s 101st State Representative and 12th State Senate districts.

Vote for John-Michael Parker for the 101st. He has been endorsed by the Independent and Working Families parties. John-Michael is principled, thoughtful, concerned and ready to address the big problems, like COVID-19.

Christine Cohen has been our 12th District senator. Vote her in again. Christine has done a fabulous job for Durham, guided by her business acumen, family values and deep understanding of the big issues. She is endorsed by the Independent Party.

Make a plan to vote Nov. 3. And then do it.

Martin W. Anderson

Clear choices


Vote for Rosa DeLauro, who has done an outstanding job fighting for children’s health and education. I will not vote for Streicker, a landlord who has evicted people from their homes, profiting from higher rents.

Vote for Christine Cohen to continue fighting for small business owners, gun safety and the environment. I will not vote for LaPorta, who proudly aligns himself with the NRA.

Vote for John-Michael Parker, who will protect the vulnerable, including raising minimum wages. I will not vote for Korkoruda, who promises help to essential workers but has repeatedly voted no to a living wage.

Elizabeth Shoudy



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