Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Take notice


Durham's Board of Finance will hold its Annual Budget Hearing via Zoom, Monday, April 12, at 7 p.m., at which time residents can interact safely, unlike at the Town Meeting held in January at the high school. It is a relief to know  townspeople can participate in this manner, especially when a large number of residents usually take part in government proceedings.

On another topic, Town Hall has not yet opened to the public, except by appointment. I feel that this can be a hardship for contractors, since a lot of work performed by them requires a permit. Town Hall being closed may delay their scheduling/starting jobs.

Likewise, others might find it difficult to register a fixed time with Town Hall when they depend on another to assist them in getting there.

Town Hall should reopen with regular or modified hours. I realize, as mostly everyone does, that a mask is necessary when out in public. Besides, the number of people accessing our Town Hall simultaneously is nowhere near the number of residents attending a Town Meeting.

Finally, the Town Clerk's office, which has two employees, has adjusted its schedule to have one of them work in the morning and the other in the afternoon. If their work is completed satisfactorily in half-a-day, maybe that demonstrates that two full-time positions are not required.

I refute the practice of annual wage increases for elected officials and non-union personnel without added responsibilities/hours.

Please take notice.

Donia Viola

Call it what it is


As was reported in the March 12 edition, development of a solar panel array is being planned on what is currently agricultural land in Durham; the second such development in just the last few years. This was touted by the operators as something that will clean CO2 and other pollutants from our air.

The cleanest air that I see being produced from this development is hot air from big business, which is effectively sponsored and propped up by our own state government.

Open land is a precious resource that has been dwindling in our town and area for decades. Housing development has been outpaced by solar as the biggest threat to the remainder of that land. It’s hard to fault landowners who choose to participate in this scheme. After all, working the land to produce agricultural products for sale is challenging and requires work.

As long as the state continues to prop up this type of power generation in the name of renewable energy, there isn’t an end in sight to these developments. This is the same government which, ironically, dedicates money to the preservation of farmland.

Call it what it is. Potential removal of trees and replacement of farmland with solar panels is not about clean air, it’s about money. If landowners were not offered large sums of money by businesses given a favorable regulatory climate, then solar would not be such a threat to open land.

Josh Miller

Pure politicalnonsense


In the mornings, I catch a little of the CBS morning news with Gail King. I patiently wait for the racism story; a story about some poor oppressed person of color -- usually a woman. And sure enough, here comes the racism story. You can bet on it. If you did, you would win.

All it is is politics, politics, politics. It’s people seeking power over others, telling them their sins and wanting to run their lives.

If we can divide people by race, we can control them.

Of course, the elitist snobs like to point their finger at others, but there is a purpose for that. It fits their political agenda. And it's always easier to look at the sins of others, than to look at your own.

The idea of systemic racism in pure political nonsense. Most families are too busy trying to pay their taxes, raise children and keep the marriage together to worry about racism. That's all families, regardless of ethic background.

Don't let the political ruling class, the elites, make you ashamed of what you are; whatever God gave you as an ethnic background. Don't let them divide you in order to control you.

Work hard, be kind to others, and raise your children. America is not perfect, but it is the last best hope for the human race. Be an American!

Mark J. Czaja

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