Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

A great town


Twenty-four years ago, my husband and I, along with our 3 month old son moved to Middlefield. We were so excited to buy our first home together. Soccer, skiing, schooling, Cub/Boy Scouts and making new friends then happened in a great town where we had a sense we could make a real difference, along with living a great life.

After resurrecting Old Home Days we joined the Lions Club of Middlefield, where we went to work on completing a pavilion, putting a new roof on the covered bridge at Peckham Park, excavating/expanding a trolley trail, and funding charities and town activities, among other things, all the while grilling sausage and pepper grinders and facilitating a donut machine every year at the Durham Fair!

They were very good years.

Recently, we launched a fundraising drive to help continue those contributions in light of the fair being canceled this fall. And voilà, we now have “Be Kind” signs around town.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, kind Middlefield! We want you to know you are the best thing about this town. And you are the people who make this town the best. I hope you smile every time you drive by a “Be Kind” sign. That is what our town is about.

N. Summer Lerch,
Lions Club of Middlefield



The Coginchaug Area Transition recently held a Zoom discussion on racial injustice and the environment, as if one subject has anything to do with the other. Just pick two progressive causes and talk about it.

Racial justice will happen when there is a change within the human heart, when the Creator is accepted – as in what Rev. Martin Luther King said, when the U.S Constitution and the Bill of Rights is taught in school, and when people are Americans first and their own little tribes second. Then we will have racial justice.

You want racial justice locally? Why not change the minimum square foot requirements and lot sizes on residential housing.

That will never happen, because while they all preach against racism, they do everything within their power to zone out poor people, some of whom may be black, which makes them flaming hypocrites. This is what most Progressives are; wealthy white people laden with guilt.

God could remove that guilt, but they don't believe in God, and God is not allowed in public schools, which is also nonsense, since God is everywhere at all times.

As far as the connection between racism and the environment, there is none. It is foolish to tie the two together, and shows great ignorance. The earth and nature are just fine.

Progressives want to save the planet, but they can't even save themselves.

Martin Luther King was a man of God, a Baptist minister. Read his writing!

Mark J. Czaja, Middletown                                                                  



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