Letters to the Editor

Close Lyman School


As a student of the very first ID class at Lyman (Chestnut Hill) in 1972, it is difficult for me to imagine closure. However, due to declining enrollment, it is clear that we must direct our finite resources with a laser focus to directly support the students, rather than a building.

The Lyman building will require a large community capital improvement investment. If Lyman is to close, the efficiencies gained through streamlining our building utilization and staffing will directly go towards strengthening educational programming and will reduce the tax burden.

When I was encouraged by my neighbors in Middlefield to volunteer and serve on the BOE in 2017, Lyman closure was already recommended. The 10 current Board of Education members unanimously support the closure. The BOE has already approved moving toward a unified single educational approach, so this is not a question about maintaining the unique educational program that Lyman had.

The closure of Lyman is anything but a partisan political issue. An unintended consequence of the two programs was that students became divided as they integrated with other students in later grades.

The ID and contemporary student divides are real, and has a negative impact on student well-being. In this current world of division, including bullying on social media, it is our responsibility to unify the best we can.

If Lyman closes, all learners of a grade level will attend the same school. From a student’s perspective, the rich associations and friendships they can experience from knowing their peers from both towns in the early days can benefit them the rest of their lives.

Teachers can more effectively do their important job with focus, communication and collaboration. For the benefit of all of the stakeholders, I will be voting “yes.”

Jamie Roraback
Board of Education member

Dahlheimerfor BOE


I respectfully urge your support for Lindsay Dahlheimer for Board of Education. She will bring a combination of keen analytical skills and heart to the position.

Lindsay has a unique ability to see all sides of an issue yet have the courage to make decisions based on what is right for our community. She is an active parent of two boys with her husband Mike and would be a valuable addition to the BOE.

Laura Francis

Backing Johnson


I have known Mary Johnson for over 30 years. Since the first time I met her, she has had a passion to make Middlefield a better place, and wanted all Middlefield residents to be represented.

In November 2011, Jon Brayshw honored Mary for “leaving a legacy of deep and profound patriotism” and “her dedicated service to the community while on the Board of Selectmen.”

Mary has the ability and knowledge to lead Middlefield as First Selectman. Her project management skills and strong technical and government knowledge will allow her to lead Middlefield in the 21st Century.

Please vote for Mary Johnson on Nov. 2. 

Ann M. Kilby

The right attributes


Respectful. Accountable. Transparent. Cooperative. These are attributes of a good leader and effective selectman.

These words describe Carol Bufithis. She listens, respectfully, to all opinions as she works toward diversity and inclusion. She is accountable for her word. With Middlefield and Durham colleagues, she spearheaded our new composting program. She is transparent in her dealings with citizens/boards – if she doesn’t know something, she will find the answer. She creates partnerships; she has proven she can “reach across the aisle,” giving us steady, smooth governance.

Please join me in voting for Carol Bufithis for Selectman on Nov. 2.

Dr. N. Summer Lerch

Outstanding office


Having had to use Middlefield’s Town Clerk’s Office on a number of occasions, I have been very impressed by the professionalism, timeliness and quality of service provided. In these times, when customer service is more a buzzword than a reality, Middlefield’s Town Clerk’s Office is truly outstanding.

Consequently, I shall vote for Donna Golub to serve another term as Town Clerk. She has done an outstanding job providing excellent service to the residents of Middlefield and Rockfall. She is friendly, honest and dependable, a great asset to the community.

Carl Zanoni

The wise choice


As the world faces climate change, we here in Middlefield and Rockfall have our own natural resources to preserve and protect. We are blessed with wetlands, ridge tops and waterways, and our river, which flows north into the Connecticut River.

Wise decisions by many here, including Mary Johnson, whose family goes back nine generations in Middlefield/Rockfall, have supported open space purchases with their votes and dollars.

To preserve Middlefield/Rockfall "green" and protect its environmental resources, Mary Johnson is the wise choice for First Selectman.

Marianne Corona

Make yourvoice heard


One of the young members of the Durham Democratic Party community stated that municipal elections aren’t sexy. I thought that statement was simple yet profound.

Municipal elections may not be sexy, but they are important and affect each of us. On Nov. 2, residents will vote on who makes decisions on zoning regulations, mill rates, budgets, and RSD13 policies and curricula. We will also vote on the future of John Lyman School.

The Durham Democratic Town Committee has presented candidates with integrity, ethics and values. I encourage everyone to vote and be heard.

Janet Morganti

Moore for BOE


Please support Robert Moore, Board of Education chair, District 13. Bob has led our district through the pandemic with level-headed implementation of the rules/regulations required to keep our schools safe. He has guided our district through tough budget cycles, negotiations regarding closing schools and reallocation of funds. His decades of management experience, dedication to public service and commitment to our community is admirable. He listens to parents, finds common-ground solutions and is always trying to do his best for the children and families of District 13.

Join me. Re-elect Bob on Nov. 2.

Lori Fusco


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