Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Selfless citizens


My wife and I received a telephone call from a volunteer from the Town of Durham a few weeks ago, asking if we would like to be put on the list for a COVID shot. So we signed up, and last Friday went to the Senior Center and got our first shot. Went right in and were out in 15 minutes.

All this done by volunteers. The whole thing was very professional and friendly. We would like to commend these people who volunteered their time to help out others.

Plus, we are signed up for our second shot in March.

Thank you all for your time.

George and Irene Roberts

Regressive bills


Please oppose SB 568 (removes all non-medical exemptions from mandated vaccines) and HB 6423 (severely restricts medical exemptions from mandatory vaccines by creating oversight committee.)

The Public Health Committee wants to be able to mandate every single vaccine and every single dose for every single child regardless of medical history or religious beliefs. The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices has an extremely limited criteria for medical exemptions. This means the parents of children who reacted to vaccines with seizures, developed food allergies, neurological disorders or regressed and now require special education would be barred from school – even if only missing one dose. The religious exemption also provides protection for those who object to vaccines that use aborted fetuses or that are sourced from animals.

The PHC falsely claims that it can expand medical exemptions to prevent children from being thrown out of school in Connecticut. This is untrue. The state follows the federal ACIP recommendations, so legislators do not have that authority.

Additionally, the PHC wants to establish an advisory committee to oversee medical exemptions. In New York, this resulted in thousands of fragile children having their medical exemptions invalidated by the state, which means they were expelled from school.

Please do not let this happen in Connecticut. Please contact your state senators and house members and tell them not to support regressive, discriminatory Senate Bill 568 and House Bill 6423. Mandating the COVID-19 vaccination for children as well as Gardasil for HPV for 9-year-old girls and boys is now under consideration.

What else should the government be able to mandate without informed consent?

Kathryn Joyce

Ban Democrats


To those who wish to ban the Confederate flag, consider that it has hurt no one; committed no acts of racism or slavery. The ban needs to be against agents of racism and slavery. And the supreme agent of same is the Democratic Party.

The father of the Democratic Party, President Andrew Jackson, made part of his fortune buying, selling and trading slaves. The Confederate States were wholly Democratic. Democrats were unanimously against the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments. Jim Crow laws were enacted by Democrats. The KKK was founded by, and was home to, Democrats.

Democratic governors barred schoolhouse doors to stop integration. Democrats fought against Civil Rights legislation. Democrats currently affirm and support legislation – Affirmative Action – that says, purely because of skin color, black folks cannot compete with white folks and need bonus points.

If you really want to “raise the bar,” support an ordinance banning the Democratic Party.

Gene Riotte

The Party goes on


The Confederate flag was revived to intimidate and stop the Civil Rights Act from supporting the ignored 2nd line of our Constitution: "All men are created equal."

Our two parties, mom and dad, are now sharing 164 years of baggage, and over 240 years of debt servitude. 

Inadvertently, Prohibition helped organize crime. Lesson learned? Our World "War on Drugs" helped cartels that spread violence, causing caravans to run from their country, coming here. Also, it turned into Jim Crow law.

Anyone think liberals assassinated Lincoln, JFK, MLK Jr. or RFK? How about lynchings?

The Boston Massacre consisted of five deaths. Charles Manson had four of his followers murder nine white people to start a race war. He touched no one; his death sentence was commuted to life in prison.

D.C. rioters acted as if Trump was the "law, and order”-ed the attack. This is after a Michigan militia planned to kidnap their Governor.

For years, the former "conservative" Pope protected the Church, not the innocence of boys and nuns, worldwide. AIDs was ignored; how many infected? Bush ignored Clinton’s warning that Bin Laden was the greatest threat to the U.S.

Were Republicans fishing, abusing power, or incredibly incompetent?

The Party goes on, however. Eighty million votes stopped the unmasked genius, but aquittal saved the conservatives' cash cow.

Brian Harlow

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