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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


The snobs have taken over


I see the Town of Middllefield has hired a collection agency to harass taxpayers that are late with their property and car taxes.

That helps the struggling homeowner a lot, especially with a 15 percent added fee. I thought it was the tax collector's job to harass late payers, since she receives a fine salary for doing so. I guess I was wrong.

But I see what the real problem is, and that's between the town government and a fat school system and a state government that taxes its citizens to death. Of course a certain amount of people are going to have a difficult time holding onto their homes.

Not everyone is living on Snob Hill, they simply can't afford it. I do, however, have a solution. Lets get rid of Town Hall, and the tax collector, too. It's the school system that runs the towns. They hold the monopoly. So why are taxpayers paying for Town Hall and elected officials to sit in offices and dream up new ways to collect money? The BOE is perfectly capable of running the two towns.

Too much government. There's the problem. That's why people can't take the tax burden. The poorer people in town will simply have to leave. But it's not their fault, the snobs have taken over.

You don't own your own home, you rent it from the town. Can't pay? They will come and take it and throw you out on the street.

Mark J. Czaja, Middletown