LETTER: Veterinarian known to many says goodbye

LETTER: Veterinarian known to many says goodbye


As I am no longer affiliated with Powder Ridge Veterinary Hospital and as I anticipate continuing to practice well outside the local Durham/Middlefield area, I am writing to express my sincerest thanks and appreciation to all those who have been such a big part of my life for the past 32 years.

Firstly, I must thank the late Bob Malcolm; neighbor, World War II veteran and American hero. Prior to losing a son in the conflict in Vietnam, Bob lost his left arm from injuries incurred behind enemy lines in Normandy.

Back in 1986, Bob and I shook right hands after agreeing on a price to purchase the two acres where the hospital now sits, pending P&Z approval. During the following months a nearby similar lot sold for 50 percent more than our agreed price.

Bob, however, honored the original price without question.

I also want to thank Geoff Colegrove, then and still our part-time town planner, for educating and assisting me through the process to gain P&Z approval.

A big shout out to the then-chairman of P&Z, Frank St. John, for his fair and prompt consideration of my application to establish PRVH.

I cannot overemphasize the contribution of the Brayshaws: Jon, architect and engineer; his brother, Rob, builder; and Rob's wife, Pat, the hardest working and most loyal employee who worked for me from day one until several weeks before her death four years ago.

I also owe a debt of gratitude to Deb Valvo, the other employee who started on day one, for her skills and competence and loyalty.

Thanks also to my other long-time employees, Jen Brown, Becky Grant and Corine De Francisco.

I will miss many of the colorful figures around town; Tony and Tammy at Middlefield Pizza, George at the post office, Tommy Yantosh at Trackside, electrician Bob Monthei, the good folks at Liberty Bank and all the others that I've had the pleasure of doing business with.

Most importantly, I thank all of you, those clients who have trusted me throughout the years, for giving me the honor of caring for your beloved creatures. It is a responsibility I take most seriously and I have been humbled by the confidence you have shown me.

For all your kind words, fruit baskets, baked goods, hugs and, yes, I'll say it, love, you've shown, I cannot put into words how much it has meant to me. It is one of the intangible gifts of this wonderful profession of mine.

You are all special to me and I will miss each one of you. Thank you all for welcoming me into the community and for all the support you have shown for all these years. I will cherish it and remember you all fondly.