Letters to the Editor

Bad bill


State Rep. Craig Fishbein recently submitted a bill to authorize carrying pistols and revolvers in state parks. Fishbein represents Wallingford and Middlefield. Not a word in his campaign rhetoric prior suggested that he would promote weaponization of our state parks – the same parks that many of us walk with our families. There are three state parks in Wallingford and Middlefield, and they are near houses and businesses. Fishbein ignores the facts that community gun violence and firearm suicide are the two leading causes of gun death in Connecticut. That is not what we want in our communities.

Rep. Fishbein, you should start working on legislation that promotes vibrant and safe locations. Submit bills for income equality, housing and entrepreneurial efforts. Promote conflict resolution with words, not violent encounters with guns.

Alma Elder

No respect


I applaud your front page story about the fallen firefighter from North Haven. And bravo to the Middlefield Volunteer Fire Department for showing respect to their fellow brother.

What bothers me is that the Town of Durham, my town, seemed to know nothing about this tragedy and showed no respect. Other then the Durham Fire House, no flags where at half-mast on Tuesday, Jan. 3, even though Gov. Lamont gave the order on Monday.

I called our First Selectman’s office and was told they knew nothing about it. When I asked the post office, they said they knew nothing about it as well. So I showed them the front page article of your paper, which is in their lobby.

With extended family being firefighters and EMT workers, I find it another tragedy that my hometown shows them no respect.

Melanie Nordquist

Dark day


Do you remember where you were on Jan. 6, 2021 when you heard the tragic news that supporters of then-President Trump tried to overthrow the U.S. government when they ransacked the U.S. Capitol building? This was the day both houses of Congress met to certify President Joseph Biden’s electoral vote win.

It began in the morning of Jan. 6, 2021, at the former president’s “Save America” rally, to which he summoned his supporters by claiming the presidential election had been fraudulent.

There has been no evidence of any type of fraud. However, that did not stop the former president and his supporters from claiming the election was rigged. To date, nearly 1,000 people – including seven from Connecticut – have been charged by federal prosecutors for their role in the assault on the Capitol.

At 4:05 p.m. on Jan. 6, 2021, Joe Biden called on Donald Trump to tell his supporters to go home and “demand an end to this siege.” Biden stated, “Our democracy is under unprecedented assault.”

Soon after, former President Trump told his supporters to go home, and that he loves them, while still insisting that the 2020 election was stolen.

Thankfully, once the U.S. Capitol building was cleared of rioters, Congressional leaders decided to do their constitutional duty and count the electoral votes.

Frank LoGiudice


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