Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


Protectstellar program

To the editor:

I'm very saddened by the proposal to greatly reduce Latin studies at Strong and Coginchaug Regional High School. I was always so proud of our outstanding language department at CRHS.

My daughter (now a Spanish teacher in Massachusetts) took four years of Latin at CRHS and six years of Spanish (counting the two years at Strong).

There were many students who took more than one language during my teaching days at CRHS. The study of Latin along with Spanish and French also helped our students better understand English grammar. We certainly aided the English department as we explained the differences between an indirect and a direct object, for example.

For years now studies have shown the positive effects on a child's brain from language acquisition. I know that many of our French, Spanish and Latin students have made a career of teaching those languages they began at CRHS.

Let's not lose one of the stellar programs that might convince parents to consider CRHS as an excellent option for secondary studies.

Marilyn Horn