School district expands access to ParentSquare

Board of Education Chairman Lucy Petrella announced via Facebook that Regional School District 13 has a new ParentSquare feature that allows members of the community who are not school parents, guardians or employees to receive periodic communications from the district.

“Please share the link to the RSD13 ParentSquare webpage to any friends, family, neighbors, or others who you think would be interested in signing up for this feature,” Petrella stated in the recent social media post.

The page includes access to the ParentSquare sign-up form, as well as instructions on how to enroll in the “RSD 13 Community.”

ParentSquare, a school-to-home digital communication platform, allows enrollees to receive emergency notifications, sign up for teacher conferences and field trips, keep on top of their child’s performance in the classroom, and more.

“Communication with the community has always been an issue that the board has been grappling with,” Petrella said. “We are always trying to find additional ways to get messages out, because we are always hearing people say that they ‘don’t know,’ and information is coming back that isn’t the way we said it.”

By allowing members of the community who are not school parents, guardians or employees access to ParentSquare, more residents can view RSD13 announcements.

A recent message was about the bus situation on the first day of school.

“The community does not have the opportunity to see what goes on in the schools,” Petrella said.

The ParentSquare community page can be found on the RSD13 website  The district ParentSquare page is accessible



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