Middlefield quilt making pays tribute to those lost to drug overdose

MIDDLEFIELD — In 2018 over 68,000 Americans died of a drug overdose. Mothers, fathers and children left without their loved ones were forced to cope with the loss. 

“My son died May 24 of 2016 from an accidental overdose,” said Joy Meyerholz. “It can be anybody’s kid. This quilt is going to be seen by a lot of people and I just want to tell my son’s story.”

In order to help keep the memories alive, TriCircle, Inc., an organization that provides substance abuse counseling, recently hosted a Remembrance Quilt square-making event at the Middlefield Federated Church. Participants were given craft supplies, pizza, soda and a space to create a quilt square that reflected the loved ones they lost. 

Remembrance Quilts are typically sewn together once 36 squares have been decorated and collected. The quilts are then brought to events around the state as a tribute and to educate others about substance abuse disorders and the effects on families. 

Christine Gagnon, vice chair of TriCircle, lost her son in 2017. He was 22 years old. 

“In 2017, there were 77,000 people that passed away,” she said. “The demographic of us as parents is kind of lost in the equation and we want to give each of those numbers a voice to know that it’s not just the loss of a family member or friend, but it’s also our loss.”

TriCircle also hosts bereavement group – Hope After Loss – at the Middlefield Federated Church on the first and third Monday of every month at 7 p.m.

For more information, contact TriCircle at 203-631-1743 or at info@tricircleinc.com.

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