Students embrace ‘Socktober’ effort

Students embrace ‘Socktober’ effort

Strong Middle School is being inventive in its ways of helping the community with a new, cleverly-named drive called “Socktober.”

The drive – which took place throughout the month of October – pit homerooms against one another to collect as many socks and diapers as possible. There were flyers hung everywhere in the school, with catchy slogans reminding students to take part in the collection effort.

Each classroom had a box in it so students could easily drop off donations.

The Socktober idea was created by the new Strong School Senate team while brainstorming ways to give back to the community.

At the end of October, the donations were tallied and distributed to two shelters for people in need.

We asked some students if they thought that Socktober was a worthwhile effort.

“Yes,” said Strong School Senate member Sophia Stephan. “It’s a good way to become connected to our community and provide for others.”

Other students said that Socktober was fun, while bringing a healthy dose of competition.

“Socktober has brought a real competitiveness to the classrooms and a fun reason to donate to charity,” student Justin Rowe said.

Some Strong School students also noted that morale in the school seemed to escalate during the drive.

When Strong School Principal Scott Sadinsky was asked for comment, he replied, “I am so impressed with the outpouring of support being shown by Strong School students and their families. Providing items such as socks and diapers for those in need is yet another example of how the Strong School community honors, upholds and models RSD13's core ethical values.”