Watershed awareness campaign launched

Watershed awareness campaign launched

The Lake Beseck Environment Committee has launched a watershed awareness campaign to raise the public’s knowledge of the area that encompasses the Lake Beseck watershed.

Signs are now posted along roads at the perimeter of the watershed, which indicate entering the area. This is a part of the committee’s efforts to educate the public with techniques on proper onsite water management and land management practices within the watershed area.

“The Town of Middlefield commissioned a Watershed Management Study for Lake Beseck several years ago,” First Selectman Ed Bailey explained. “This was the first ever comprehensive study of the watershed. The watershed encompasses 1,317 acres. From this watershed, eight tributaries and outfalls from storm drainage systems go into Lake Beseck.

“The Lake Beseck Environment Committee has been instrumental in public outreach and education. These signs will communicate to the public that they are within the watershed.”

Amy Poturnicki, Lake Beseck Environment Committee chairwoman, said, “We have had many public outreach and educational activities over the past several years. We have great engagement from residents near the lake. With this signage we hope to engage all the residents and businesses within the watershed area.”

Randy Bernotas the town’s Inland Wetland Agent, added, “The town has a Lake Smart program that encourages property owners to install rain gardens, rain barrels and underground infiltration systems for roof runoff. This program also encourages the proper use of lawn and garden fertilizers, which can run off properties and eventually get into Lake Beseck. With increased awareness in the watershed, we hope to engage citizens beyond the immediate shoreline of the lake.”

-- Press Release