Teacher urges students to consider their legacy

Teacher urges students to consider their legacy

There are some amazing teachers in this world: those who not only teach skills that enhance the lives of students academically, but who also present those skills within a cloak of engagement and authenticity so craftily developed that students don’t know they are learning.  

We need more teachers like this; more teachers like Coginchaug Regional High School health teacher Robb Bajoros.

Like all good educators, Bajoros takes learning beyond school walls by teaching a class called Campus Unification, which gives seniors the opportunity to leave the district “better than they inherited,” he says.

Seniors from the 2020 graduating class began a trail-building project for the community, one that will create bike trails behind Coginchaug. Students from the Class of 2021 have picked up where last year’s class left off, all under the guidance of Bajoros. 

After learning about what this educator does for students and the RSD13 community, I have just one question: Mr. Bajoros, can we have you cloned, please?

You see, we need more than one of you, because you are the type of teacher who wants to leave the world a better place by showing your students how they can do that.

Senior Justin Sanbor says Campus Unification is a “great class if you want to clear your mind and do good things for your school,” and classmate Paige McBrayer refers to it as a class that “brings everyone together.” 

Not too long ago, CNN published an article detailing students’ need to be active, and introducing the concept of “physical literacy.” The benefits are comprehensive: math and reading scores rise, and brain activity increases along with physical stamina.

You won’t find disagreement on this from Campus Unification class member Chris Racki, who states that, “being in the outdoors and doing physical activity” helps him learn more.

Jackson Moore agrees: “Some students need the hands-on learning … to get outside and get a break.”

Bajoros doesn’t need the research staff at CNN to tell him what works. This educator knows there are additional benefits to movement: connection and purpose. This is why he is a rock star to the students who have taken his lead in honoring the spirit of community.

Lest you think Bajoros is stopping there, consider students’ thoughts on how the Campus Unification class supports RSD13’s Core Ethical Values. Sebby Manning alludes to those very values in saying, “I think the trail-building reflects respect, responsibility and courage, because you have to work hard in order to build these trails. And they build character.” 

What about the importance of working together for a common goal? That proves to be a good reason for A.J. DeFilio to take part. This senior elaborates on the success of the program by saying, “I have always been a team player, so this is fun.”

Matt Labaty shares similar insights on the critical need for collaboration. “We all have to be responsible and do our part.”

Okay, Robb, despite the fact that you are taking on many roles to help students in RSD13, I guess we don’t need to have you cloned. Just know that we are not sharing you with anyone else.

You are making our community a better place, and we intend to keep it that way. 

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