BOE committee talks playground, outdoor courts

BOE committee talks playground, outdoor courts

The Regional School District 13 Board of Education Playground/Recreational Facility of the Utilization Committee met in Special Session on Thursday, July 23. Board members present were Mrs. Booth and Mr. Yamartino. Also present were community members Mrs. Canning, Mrs. Casillo, Mrs. Dubuc, Mrs. Kahnke and Ms. Malcolm, and school officials Mrs. Stone, principal of Memorial Middle School, and Mr. Ford, principal of John Lyman School.

Some highlights taken from the meeting minutes:

John Lyman playground: Mrs. Booth reported that the equipment has been ordered. Mr. Ford thanked Mrs. Booth, Mrs. Dubuc and Mr. Giammatteo for their hard work. They met with the vendor prior to July 4 and settled on the final design. The information was shared with Mrs. Neubig and the purchase order has moved forward. They were told installation would happen before the beginning of school. Mrs. Booth added that the contractor would remove any footings at no additional cost.

Memorial playground: Mrs. Stone reported that the team met virtually and in person and Mr. Giammatteo came out with the same vendor that was used at John Lyman. They have given the vendor feedback on three designs and he has now given them a fourth design. They planned to meet this week. Mrs. Casillo has also had a represenative come out as well. All of the plans are under budget. Mrs. Johansen’s husband is getting quotes on a GaGa pit, which are coming in at under $1,000. Mrs. Stone has a few concerns about the GaGa pit and they need to decide where to put it. Mrs. Canning has reached out to the Boy Scouts and was told that Troop 27 would be interested in helping with "buddy benches." They are now in touch with other scout troops about a "Go Far" path. Mr. Yamartino asked if the path needs a specific surface or would mile posts be sufficient. Mrs. Stone felt that it just needed to be a designated path. She would like Go Far at Memorial, but isn’t in a particular rush to do that.

Memorial courts: Mr. Yamartino reported that they have received quotes from a couple of vendors for the tiles and are in the process of reaching out to their references. Mr. Yamartino also spoke to the vendor who just finished resurfacing the high school’s tennis courts and he gave them several reasons why they may want asphalt instead of tiles. The vendor quoted on using the existing base, laying 3 inches of asphalt and compressing that to 2-1/2 inches and it totaled $160,000. Of that cost, $44,000 is for painting the courts and the vendor proposed using a clear coat with white striping. If they go with that option, the total is $116,000.

Mr. Yamartino will forward all of the quotes to the committee members and asked them to reach out to anybody who might have experience with it. He wished to schedule a meeting for this week and have the vendors dial in so that the committee can ask questions.

Mr. Yamartino reviewed that the initial quotes were based directly off his sketch which included a single basketball court, a dedicated tennis court, eight pickleball courts and three or four squares. He asked everyone to think about what they would like to see for the layout, and they will discuss.

CRHS courts: Mr. Yamartino reported that the repainting and striping of the courts has been completed and they look absolutely beautiful. He added that he would feel bad if they went with black and white asphalt at Memorial.

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