Meet the Candidates: Jacob Mattison

I am running for the Durham Planning and Zoning Commission, and I ask for your support on Nov. 2.

When I moved back to the area 12 years ago, my wife and I had a picture in our minds of an idyllic Connecticut town. We drove around searching, and finally came up Route 17 into Durham and knew we had found it. We’ve raised our kids here, started a goat farm, and hope to grow old here.

For the last 20 years I’ve been a software engineer and a leader of engineering teams. The core of that job is managing how people and rules interact with each other – understanding the rules of a business, understanding the purpose behind the rules, understanding the technical requirements, and, most of all, understanding the needs and intentions of the human beings involved. This is exactly the mindset needed to create, improve, and enforce the regulations that allow our town to develop and adapt. It’s a process that must be approached with precision, empathy, and common sense.

I’d like to give back to this beautiful town by getting involved in our future. There’s so much we can do to move our town forward while preserving the rural character and farm heritage that make us so special. As a parent, a farmer, and a homeowner, I’d like to add my voice to that decision-making.

I’ve been attending Planning & Zoning meetings and educating myself on the issues and current regulations. If elected, I will attend diligently, consider the nuances of each decision, and listen to all viewpoints. I look forward to hearing all of your ideas and dreams for our town.

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