Meet the Candidates: Chuck Stengel

Empathy, experience and knowledge are the hallmarks of Chuck Stengel, who is seeking a third term on Durham’s Board of Finance.

In 1972 after leaving the Army, Stengel and his wife became long-term residents of Durham, where they educated their children in our school district. He believes that life is better when you live in a community that balances governmental spending while providing affordable, necessary services.

Stengel brings his life experience, empathy towards community needs and knowledge to the Board of Finance.

He has served the community in various roles consistent with his education and professional experiences, serving primarily as a member on the Board of Finance for 12 years through two, non-consecutive terms. He has served the community on the board through periods of growth and periods of decline. Since the majority of our tax dollars go towards education, he has served as the town’s representative on the RSD13 Finance Committee. He is an active member of the board, including being its vice chair.

As you know, the Board of Finance sets the budget and the mil rate for the town. In our community, the board does a detailed, bottoms-up analysis of each budget request. The analysis of these requests is where the empathy, experience and knowledge come into play — Is the request really needed? Is it wanted by the community? Is it affordable?

Being a long-term resident, Stengel is empathetic to community needs. Recent examples include discussion on additional police protection, skating pond improvements and our battle with dead and dying trees. These, along with funding for our fire department, town crew, ambulance service and the management of the Town Hall and its computer systems, are some of the issues where empathy, knowledge and experience are important attributes for a candidate.

Stengel’s 12 years on the board certainly gives him the experience. He also spent a good portion of his professional career performing, managing and presenting cost analysis studies to corporate officers and Connecticut’s regulatory agencies. Though long since replaced, he provided the early computer code used to calculate ambulance service rates in Connecticut.

Stengel is not an accountant; the board has members with those professional stripes already. He is an engineer by training (BSEE) and has an MBA, including acceptance into a National Honor Society in Business, Management and Administration.

Stengel has the empathy, the experience and the knowledge to serve on the Board of Finance for a third term.

Save a buck, vote for Chuck!

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Chuck Stengel

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