Meet the Candidates: Andrew Taylor

For the past five years, my time spent on the RSD13 Board of Education has been a truly remarkable and rewarding experience. I believe that the schools and the learners within them are our most precious community asset, that they provide a vital component of our communities’ cohesive bond, and that we are obliged to give our utmost support to them.

Our communities currently face numerous obstacles. Between external monetary pressures from the state and the internal community issues of declining enrollment and rising taxes, the BOE must prioritize the scarce resources of our towns to empower our children to thrive in an increasingly competitive and global world. In response, through strong fiscal discipline, the current BOE has kept the district gross budget below 2015/2016 levels while maintaining rigorous and diverse educational programs and raising student achievement.

I share the superintendent’s vision for a more innovative, personalized approach to learning, where all students are met at their appropriate level. This requires a different mindset to teaching, administration and technology.

I believe that the future of our children’s success relies on an education that is interdisciplinary and STEAM (Science Technology Engineering, Arts, and Math) -focused.

In the data-rich environment in which we live, fluency in data constructs and analysis are essential; I see this daily in my work as both a physician and data-science researcher.

I believe in setting high performance goals for our district. I believe we can improve without breaking the financial backs of our residents by setting priorities, by supporting our teachers, and by harnessing the passion for a solid education within our communities.

Thank you for granting me the opportunity to serve the community over the last five years; I humbly ask for your support to allow me to continue for the next four.

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