Meet the Candidates: Amanda Betty

I am excited to be running for RSD13 Board of Education. I was raised in both Middletown and Middlefield and have been a proud Durham resident since 2011. I have held corporate positions at both The Hartford Insurance Group and Connecticut Children's Medical Center. I have also owned and operated a small business in Durham. I am currently a stay-at-home mother, raising three daughters with my partner Brian.

I started my community involvement in Durham by serving on the town's Economic Development Commission in an effort to expand Durham's commercial tax base. It is that tax focus, coupled with the high cost of public education, that has led me to run for the Board of Education. I am keenly aware that the greatest opportunity to reduce spending is during the time of school closures, and the proposed closing of the John Lyman School presents an immediate opportunity to reduce spending accordingly.

With one daughter attending school in Regional School District 13, and two more entering soon, I have a keen vested interest in the quality of education available in Durham. As a product of a public primary education myself, I believe strongly in the ability of public schools to deliver top-quality results, and am focused on consistently strong program offerings district-wide for all students.


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