Meet the Candidates: Carol Bufithis

I am running for re-election as a Middlefield Board of Selectmen member. Over the past two years I have had the pleasure and honor to serve the town during these unprecedented times. There have been several thriving community engagement projects that I have spearheaded during my term.

After five months of working with the Connecticut Coalition of Municipal Management Materials (CCSMM), I, along with the First Selectman of Durham, instituted a Composting Pilot Program for our shared transfer station. The emphasis of this project is to divert food scraps – which are between 25-and-40 percent of the weight of our municipal waste – into energy and compost. This can save us money and make an environmental difference in the long run.

In conjunction with the Levi Coe and Durham libraries, I began a monthly program called Community Conversations. Residents of both towns are invited to join discussions about racial and social issues. The emphasis is to bring education, awareness and common ground to our communities about topics that can be divisive.

With the help of many town employees, I jump-started a successful town-wide Community Clean-up Day for Middlefield residents to participate in. This will be a yearly event.

As a Democrat and a woman on the Board of Selectmen, I often bring a different perspective to town governance. We don’t always agree on issues, yet, I listen and make the suggestions I think are best for the town. We have a respectful working relationship, and during such a polarized time in this country, this is essential for government to work.

Over the next several years, the Board of Selectmen will create solutions for projects concerning the American Rescue Plan, economic development, environmental issues, firehouse expansion, and continued road repair and maintenance. I am excited about being part of this work.

I am respectfully requesting you cast your ballot for me on Nov. 2. I would like to continue to serve the residents of Middlefield.


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