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Local launches ‘all things divorce’ podcast 

Attorney Renee Bauer launched the Happy Even After Podcast to help people going through a divorce. The podcast is an unfiltered exploration of all things divorce, including interviews with experts and men and women who have gone through a divorce and come out the other end thriving.

“I noticed that when someone was going through a divorce, they were often so full of shame and guilt, that they got stuck. It prevented them from moving forward and they were just surviving through the process, rather than thriving,” said Bauer, a Durham resident.

The Happy Even After Podcast has had guests from around the world including, financial experts, life coaches, and even spiritual gurus.

“This project started out as an afterthought, but it has turned into mission-driven work. I’ve heard from people all over the country who’ve listened and reached out and said that a particular guest’s story helped them through their own tough time,” said Bauer, who practices family law.

The Happy Even After Podcast can be found on all major hosting sites.

“No one gets married expecting this, but a divorce doesn’t need to define them,” Bauer said. “Everyone is entitled to an alternative happy ending.”

To learn more about Bauer, visit msreneebauer.com.

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