Lions’ ‘crusade against darkness’ continues

Ever since Helen Keller challenged the Lions in 1925 to become "knights of the blind in the crusade against darkness," Lions Clubs International has championed the cause, serving and advocating for the blind and visually impaired.

Nearly a century later, this long-standing mission continues unhindered throughout the world, and here in the Middlefield-Durham-Middletown area. 

Some facts 

- 235 million people are blind or have moderate to severe visual impairment (MSV).

- 1.1 billion have near-vision impairment simply because they don’t have a pair of glasses.

- Over 75 percent of all blindness and MSV is avoidable. 

- 89 percent of people with visual impairment live in developing countries. 

What can be done?

You can donate your old glasses for recycling at the Middlefield or Rockfall Post Office or Senior Center. Your glasses – readers or prescriptive – can help many people in developing countries. Middlefield collects and donates roughly 500 pairs every year.

Thank you for your contribution. 


The Lions of Middlefield and Durham do eye site testing in our schools, a program known as KidSight. It involves a person using a device called the Welch Allyn Spot Vision Screener. The individual screening takes just a few seconds and is performed from about three feet. There is no physical contact with the child. The screening can be completed on children as young as six months.

These screenings are free and set up by the local Lions Club. The next one in Middlefield is Wednesday, Dec. 14 at Levi E. Coe Library.

If your child or an adult loved one cannot speak about themselves well, they might say, “My eyes are itchy,” "My eyes are burning," "My eyes feel scratchy," or "I can't see very well.” An elderly person might rub their eyes, or have a discharge. They might mention headaches or dizziness; even feeling nauseous. Any of these symptoms deserve a check-out with your physician.

KidSight programs are set up through our schools. Parental requests make a difference. Please let the school nurse know about this free program. They, or you, can then contact Middlefield Lions past president Lynn Johnson at 



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