Lions’ ‘Be Kind’ signs return

When COVID hit and the Durham Fair was canceled, the Middlefield Lions Club had a brainstorm – Let’s fill our town with “Be Kind” signs.

So we did that.

At the height of COVID, our town became filled with the signs. Middlefield had become part of a movement to encourage “acts of kindness, and the belief that the world can be changed by small acts, through words, deeds and art, to raise the vibration of the community.” That’s a quote from the Infinite Love Project (

I know as I drove around town, I loved seeing these signs up. I loved feeling a part of a larger, kinder movement, especially as I thought about the changes happening in our greater society around our communications and our news cycles, and how different groups treated one another.

Three years later, the “Be Kind” signs are weathered, or have disappeared. So the Middlefield Lions are bringing them back; bringing back these simple reminders of the difference small acts of kindness make for us all.

Middlefield Lions’ “Be Kind” signs are $30. To place an order, e-mail Lions President Birdie Curtis, at and include your address and phone number so we can connect for delivery. Payment can be made via Venmo (@Middlefield-Lions) or check (payable to Middlefield Lions Club). Send checks to: Middlefield Lions, P. O. Box 1, Middlefield CT, 06455. Include your address, e-mail and cell number.

Please join us in expanding the “Be Kind” message in and around Middlefield. You are the best thing about Middlefield. And Middlefield becomes the best because of you. Thank you for your act of kindness. Together we are making the world a better place.


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