After renovations, longtime Wallingford commercial space ready for new tenant

After renovations, longtime Wallingford commercial space ready for new tenant

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WALLINGFORD — After being vacant for nearly a year, a building on South Orchard Street is being renovated into apartments and retail space.

The building at 18 S. Orchard St. will have two apartments on the second floor and retail space on the first floor. Owner Nicholas Lombardi, who is renovating the building, said the search for a tenant is ongoing but believes the space will be leased before the renovations are complete.

“We talked to some people,” Lombardi said. “It’s just preliminary.”

The building was formerly Music Max City, a music store, and Frank’s Garage Sale, an antiques shop, prior to that. The antique shop was owned by U. S. Navy war Veteran Frank Termini, who ran the business for more than 35 years. The shop closed following his death in September 2017. According to the Town Assessor’s Office, Lombardi purchased the building on May 31, 2018.

“The town was happy because the property was in disrepair,” Lombardi said. 

Lombardi said the property had to be rezoned and was not in compliance with local ordinances. He said the process took several months before renovations could officially begin.

Lombardi said currently the retail space and the two bedroom apartment above the retail space are available for lease. Planner Kacie Hand couldn’t be reached for comment Friday. 

Lombardi said he expects the renovations to be completed within the next couple of months. He hopes to secure a tenant prior to the completion of renovations so that the tenant has the opportunity to request specifications.

An online advertisement said that the space could be used for an office or retail space such as coffee shop, bakery or deli.

“I would like to add any modification that the tenant would need,” Lombardi said regarding the unfinished interior. “I wanted to keep the space as a raw space.”
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