Area high schools prepare for Powder Puff games

Area high schools prepare for Powder Puff games

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 The annual Powder Puff games and activities at local high schools kick off this week as high school teams gear up to participate in the annual tradition of competing against old rivals. 


The Powder Puff flag football game between Platt High School and Maloney High School will continue an annual rivalry Thursday at Falcon Field. Platt is hoping for a fourth straight win against Maloney.

The team of 85 players has been practicing every weekend in preparation. Team Captain Alexis Williams, 17, said she and her teammates are “pumped” for the upcoming game.

“We’re just focused, we’re determined. Humbled,” Williams said. “We put our all into this. It means a lot to us.”

Maloney Assistant Coach Michael Torda, who was the head coach in previous years, said the team is preparing by focusing on defining the roles of each player. Torda said the 85 players on the team range in skill level.

“We have a wide variety of skills from people who don’t know about football and people that watch football every week,” Torda said. 

Regarding the possibility of winning or losing the game, Torda said the important aspect is that the team enjoys their time on the field regardless of the result.

“At the end of the day it is a fundraiser,” Torda said. “This is the best money maker for the senior class. Hopefully, we can put out an entertaining game for the town to watch.”

Pre-game tickets will be sold for $5 and tickets can be purchased at the gate for $10 on game day.

Wilcox Technical High School will compete against Vinal Tech in Middletown, Monday, Nov. 25 at 6 p.m. at Falcon Field in Meriden. Tickets are $5 for adults and $3 for students and children.


Sheehan and Lyman Hall high schools will compete the day before Thanksgiving in the Samaha Bowl at 2:30 p.m., continuing a 48-year tradition between the crosstown rivals.  

Sheehan High School coach Cheryl Colwick said the 98 girls on the team have been practicing hard for the upcoming game. The team has had 10 practices on Saturdays and Sundays, each lasting three hours. Colwick said many of the players have had mothers, aunts or sisters who have participated in Powder Puff when they were in high school. 

“’s just coming together as a family,” Colwick said. “The whole experience is what they’ll take from it.”

Powder Puff players will also participate in a motorcade Tuesday, Nov. 26 the day before the game. Both teams decorate vehicles to show the team support and drive with parents along a designated route. The decades-long tradition will have players promote the game to local residents.

Game day tickets will be sold at $5 for students and seniors and $8 for adults. 


The Southington High School Powder Puff team will compete against two high schools. A game against Rocky Hill High School will be Wednesday at 6 p.m. in Rocky Hill. The Southington High School team will also compete against Windsor High School Saturday, Nov. 23 at 6 p.m. in Windsor. Head Coach Charles Kemp said the team consists of 91 players, 80 of which will be active on the field. Kemp said the other teams are formidable opponents and that the girls on the team have spent a lot of time practicing for each game.

“The team has been holding practice on Saturdays since the last weekend in September and two practice scrimmages against Sheehan and Amity High the last two weekends,” Kemp said.

Ticket will be sold for $7 and are available for purchase at Southington High School.


While other towns are revisiting old rivalries, Cheshire High School is hoping to create a new tradition. After opting out of competing against Southington in previous years, the school will host its first in-house Powder Puff game. Athletic Director Steve Trifone said the high school seniors will compete against the juniors in a game the day before Thanksgiving at 1 p.m. Trifone said the goal is to continue hosting in-house games in the coming years.

“We’d like to make it an annual event,” Trifone said. “For some school spirit.”

About 20 students per team will be participating in the seniors versus juniors Powder Puff game. In previous years, the school wasn’t able to recruit enough players to compete with the seniors at other schools.

“There are several schools in our league that do junior versus senior (Powder Puff games). It is a lot of fun because it’s the entire class,” Trifone said. 

Tickets are being sold for $5. Fundraising for the event will be split for both the senior class and junior class.
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Wilcox Tech quarterback Amanda Fahy tries to escape the grasp of Cheney Tech's Maxine Duva in the first half of the annual powder puff game at Falcon Field in Meriden, Friday, Nov. 20, 2015. | Dave Zajac / Record-Journal