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As testing increases, COVID-19 cases continue to rise in local nursing homes

As testing increases, COVID-19 cases continue to rise in local nursing homes

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MERIDEN — Nursing homes in Meriden and surrounding towns continue to see increases in COVID-19 infected patients, as the state ramps up testing at its hardest hit facilities.

The city reported 472 Meriden residents tested positive for COVID-19 as of May 8. By Thursday, that number had increased to 613. The number of cases reported in city nursing homes went from 91 on May 7 to 187 in the same time period.

Statewide, the number of COVID-19 patients went from 6,008 on May 7 to 6,947 patients as of Thursday with 1,487 deaths and 440 probable deaths, according to data compiled by the state Department of Public Health.  

“Approximately 30 percent of Meriden's total cases have come from our nursing homes,” Mayor Kevin Scarpati wrote on his Facebook page while announcing the weekly totals. 

Meriden had one of the highest per capita infection rates in Connecticut for the week ending May 11, according to comparison data compiled by

City officials attributed the per capita results to the increase in testing at nursing and assisted living facilities

“The big change in reporting over the last week, is that there has been a strong push to test in nursing homes, and that a large majority of the positives reported in Meriden over the past week have been from nursing homes”  City Manager Tim Coon said.

The state had planned to announce the number of recoveries statewide but those numbers weren’t available, state officials said during a press conference with Gov. Ned Lamont. A spokesman reported 42 patients have been discharged from state recovery centers. Westfield Rehabilitation Center, a state recovery center in Meriden, has eight patients recovering from the virus.

Silver Springs nursing home on Harrison Road saw its number of positive cases more than double from last week. The 159-bed facility reported a jump from 55 on May 7 to 116 on Thursday. It also reported eight deaths and one probable death.

The case numbers and death numbers are cumulative since tracking began a month ago. 

Elsewhere in the city, Meriden Apple Rehab Coccomo reported 31 cases and 8 deaths, with six considered probable. Meriden Center reported 15 cases, up from one last week and no deaths. The Curtis Home had 25 positive cases, and eight deaths. 

Regionally, Montowese Health & Rehabilitation Center in North Haven reported 84 of its 120 patients tested positive for the virus. It also reported 14 deaths and one probable death.

Masonicare in Wallingford reported little change after blanket testing last week. As of Thursday, it had eight positive cases in its isolated hospital unit, one death and one probable death. Ashlar Village assisted living facility has had three deaths. 

Wallingford’s Quinnipiac Valley Center, a COVID-19 recovery center, reported 61 cases, nine deaths and one probable death. Wallingford Skyview Rehabilitation and Nursing reported 54 cases, with four deaths. 

Regency House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Wallingford reported 75 cases in the 130-bed facility, 20 deaths and five probable deaths.

The Southington Care Center in Southington reported 29 cases and no deaths, while The Summit at Plantsville had 51 cases and 11 deaths. 

In Cheshire, Elim Park Baptist Home reported 35 cases, nine deaths and one probable death. 

State Department of Public Health workers and the Connecticut National Guard have been inspecting nursing homes for staffing levels and proper supply and use of personal protective equipment. Letters of violation have gone out with the state releasing information on six nursing homes found in violation in Chester, East Haven, Milford, Orange, Seymour and Waterford, according to The Connecticut Mirror.

The inspections found lapses in infection control and prevention and poor practices for the prolonged use of protective gear. 

The letters were released without the DPH saying if they were the only six nursing homes with deficiencies or merely the first in a series of reports on how the industry has handled the pandemic.

Av Harris, a spokesman for the department, said there is a delay in releasing some reports.

“It takes time to get these completed and posted,” he told the Mirror Wednesday. “It’s not an overnight process.”

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