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Wallingford firefighters extinguish laundromat fire before it spreads

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WALLINGFORD — Firefighters responded to a dryer fire at a Yalesville laundromat Tuesday afternoon. 

The fire was reported around 1:30 p.m. at Yalesville Laundry Center, 412 Main St. and was quickly extinguished and confined, said Battalion Chief Joseph Czentnar said.

“Their pretty quick actions saved the building,” Czentnar said, noting the structure has a wood frame and apartments on a second floor.

The apartment tenants will most likely not be displaced.

Arriving firefighters found heavy smoke and a fire in one of the dryers, Czentnar said. 

There were no reported injuries.

Wallingford Electric employees turned off power to the business and the town building inspector also responded. The fire marshal is investigating the cause of the fire. 

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