Storage units coming to Route 5 plaza in Wallingford 

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WALLINGFORD — ExtraSpace Storage will be opening a location in a plaza at 852 N. Colony Road this fall.

The storefront, formerly home to a Sears appliance and hardware store, is 72,000 square feet and will have a total of 604 storage units. ExtraSpace will be located in the same plaza as Shop Rite and Petco.  

“Given the ceiling heights in the space and doing some research on the market opportunity, we realized that there was a hole in the market for self storage,” said Greg Feldman, vice president of FeldcoDevelopment, a real estate developing firm based in Boston that has affiliates that own the storefront.  

The facility was originally one level, but a second level has been added for ExtraSpace.  

After receiving permits from the town, Feldman said they signed a management agreement with ExtraSpace and planned the construction, which began earlier this year. 

“We should be finished (with construction) in the early fall and then we will begin to lease those units to the public in the fall,” Feldman said. 

Joe Mirra, chair of the Wallingford Economic Development Commission, said he is happy the plaza will be full again. 

“I’m glad to see that that plaza is full, that space has been vacant for many years,” Mirra said. “From what I understand they did the market research on the need for that storage in the area so I think it will be very successful.” 

Feldman said one thing driving the need for more storage is the desire to make space at home more useful.

“More people are trying to make better use of their home for working from home or adding more places to relax or to be more useful,” Feldman said. “What self storage obviously does is it allows people to take a lot of stuff they normally would store in part of their house and get it off site.” 

The site will also create some jobs. 

“It’s not a massive job creator but we will certainly create some jobs,” Feldman said. 

The storage spaces will be climate controlled. 

“It’s going to have proper climate so people can store things and they won’t get ruined,” Feldman said. “It will be fully secure.” 

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