Wallingford filmmaker channels pandemic and politics in sci-fi thriller 

Wallingford filmmaker channels pandemic and politics in sci-fi thriller 

WALLINGFORD — With her sixth release, independent filmmaker Michele Plunkett fashions an apocalyptic scenario intended to mirror the pandemic and the consequences of the current political climate.

The premise of the science fiction thriller "A Mother of No Destination" is that the earth is already on course to fall into the jaws of a black hole in a decade or so when astronomers discover an asteroid that will destroy earth much sooner. The government uses the mainstream media to keep the public in the shadows while the wealthy elite get ready to escape in a spaceship. 

"My movies are very political," said Plunkett, the film’s director and owner of Plunkett Productions on North Colony Street. 

She started as a novelist, but moved to film after a good friend introduced her to an independent film director. Plunkett, who also does the screenplays for her movies, enjoys researching political issues. 

The 90-minute movie took about three months to make. Gloves, face masks and temperature checks were part of the process. 

"I was very excited," said Linda Rivera, lead actress, who was initially designated as an extra. When the person slated to play the lead dropped out, she ended up with the part.

In order for her to be immersed in the character, Plunkett would willingly attempt to anger the actress.

"I'm a very tough director," said Plunkett. "If I want you mad and if I can't get the anger that I want, then I'll piss you off. "

Rivera said it was "fun" playing the role and being on set with other crew members.

 "Michele is awesome. She's a great producer and I can’t wait to do another movie with her," Rivera said. 

The budget for the film was around $7,000.

"A Mother of No Destination", released in conjunction with McGee Productions, is due out on March 22. The movie will be available on multiple streaming platforms, including Amazon Prime, iTunes, Apple TV and possibly Hulu.

The trailer can be viewed at: https://www.facebook.com/A-Mother-of-no-destination-585789398751894/videos/a-mother-of-no-destination-trailer/316750136179516/

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