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Inside Business: Jacqueline Bridal Kouture opens in Wallingford with custom-made designs

Inside Business: Jacqueline Bridal Kouture opens in Wallingford with custom-made designs

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WALLINGFORD — When Jacqueline Torres began her search for the perfect wedding dress, she didn’t like the styles of dresses available, so she designed her own.

Jacqueline Bridal Kouture

  • Address: 314 N. Colony St., Wallingford.
  • Hours: Mon. - walk-ins from 12 - 5 p.m.; Tues.- Sun. appointment only.
  • Phone: 203-443-1629
Torres decided to continue making bridal gowns and special occasion dresses, so she started Jacqueline Bridal Kouture. The boutique, located at 314 N. Colony St., opened several months ago but Torres celebrated a grand opening ceremony on Sunday, May 19, with a ribbon cutting and fashion show.

Q: What is Jacqueline Bridal Kouture?

Torres: Jacqueline Bridal Kouture, was founded by me, Jacqueline Torres, and I also design all of the dresses. I started planning this about a year ago. Actually, after my wedding. I designed my wedding dress because it’s so hard to find it anywhere. I designed it and had it made for myself and I said well I actually kind of like this, so let’s see if I can turn it into a business. So I talked to my husband and he didn’t question me at all and he said, do it … I started designing dresses by picking trims and beading and all that stuff.

Q: What is the process of designing the dress from initial idea, design, to the final product?

Torres: Usually, what I do is I’ll draw a sketch or I’ll put together different things that I like about dresses. For example, beading. I’ll draw a little sketch of how I want the design to be on the bodice, for example or the train. Then I’ll send it over. I don’t make these dresses myself, I have them manufactured for me. So, I’ll send over my sketch and my design and they’ll make it for me. Usually, for a wedding dress it will take from three to four months, which is actually pretty quick. Even if you order it from say, David’s Bridal or any other dress shop, they’ll tell you six months minimum. For me, I’ll have about a three- to four-month turnover if you decide to have one custom made.

Q: You mentioned that you made your own wedding dress, prior to that what was your experience with making either gowns or bridal dresses?

Torres: I actually didn’t really have any experience with any fashion whatsoever. I went to school for business. So, business has always been my background mostly. I decided that I’ll learn anything and that’s how it kind of went about. I was always into fashion, always into styles, but I never really studied for it or went to fashion school.

Q: So far, what is the most popular design in dress that people request?

Torres: Around here it’s actually mermaid dresses, more of a sexy dress, and the boho styles are very popular. When I first started, I started making a lot of dresses that were like a princess ball gown. Because it’s a very cultural thing in the Hispanic community so I was like very leaning towards that. Then I realized that it’s not really selling here. I started making a lot of boho style, light airy dresses.

Q: What is the trend in bridal gowns that are most popular now?

Torres: The trends that I’m seeing are that brides are wearing very non-traditional dresses. A lot of brides are just using modern, non white dresses. They’re using blushes, they’re using champagne, they’re using black. The other day I saw a picture of a bride on Facebook that was wearing like a tie dyed dress.

Q: What are some tips that you have for brides that are looking for a dress?

Torres: Don’t get set on one specific dress. Try on different styles. That’s what I had with some brides they were stuck on one style and then I try a different style on them and they actually like it. Try on different things and see what works best for your body. Don’t get stuck on one style of dress.

Q: What made you decide to open your shop in Wallingford?

Torres: We were looking everywhere but we thought that Wallingford was a good place to settle down … it’s an amazing spot. I have a whole bunch of businesses around here. It’s a very popular spot. There’s tons of people that are walking by, driving by every day.

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