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Planning for 350th parade in Wallingford continues

Planning for 350th parade in Wallingford continues

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WALLINGFORD— The Jubilee Parade on June 20 in honor of the town’s 350th birthday will include performers, floats and special signs to mark the parade route. 

“Oh yes lots of new and exciting things at this year’s parade,” said parade chairman John Sullivan. “This is not just a parade, it’s an event.”

The festivities will kick off around noon with two musical acts performing along the route. The first stage, on South Main Street near Center Street, will feature Pat Russo’s ’70s band — the All-Star Dyn-O-Myte Disco Review. The second stage, directly across from B.C. Bailey Funeral Home on South Elm Street, will feature Number 9, a Beatles tribute band.

“If you like ’60s or ’70s music, we encourage people to come out early,” Sullivan said. “That’s why we decided to have two bands play at noon to attract people, get them in place early. We encourage dancing in the streets to the bands during the bands’ performances.”

Right after these bands, a special performance from the Blues Brothers will occur. 

“We have a very special surprise on stage one,” Sullivan said. “I don’t want to give it away. But these guys made two movies, they were the scourge of Chicago and they like the blues. So the Blues Brothers will be performing at 1 p.m. on stage one. That will be complete with the Blues Brothers car. It’s very cool.” 

At 1:30 p.m. church bells will ring throughout town to usher in Jubilee Week and start the parade.

A Delorean featured in the movie “Back to the Future” will also be a part of the parade.

“The gentleman driving it will be dressed up as Doc,” Sullivan said. “We are hoping to find Marty out there at one of the high schools so we can have someone pretend to be Marty and walk along the Delorean waving to folks.” 

On March 15 signs will be put up to mark the parade route. 

“(The signs) have been underway for about a year,” said Christine Mansfield, co-chairperson of the Jubilee Committee. “Creating them, updating them, it took about a year.”  

Information about road closures can be found on the jubilee website:

Community members can still participate and volunteer by sending an email to
Twitter: @jessica_simms99