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Wallingford police look for suspect after trio of purse thefts

WALLINGFORD — Police are searching for a suspect after three purse thefts Friday evening with evidence suggesting two of the incidents may have been perpetrated by the same individual or group.

Police said purses were stolen out of vehicles at a Mobil station at 101 North Colony Rd. and Walmart parking lot at 844 North Colony Road. A third theft was reported near the linear trail at 291 Hall Ave., according to police.

Officers said victims of both thefts on North Colony Road observed a white sedan fleeing the scene after their vehicles were broken into. The car on Hall Avenue was found with a broken window, according to police. 

Officers said the victim of the Mobil station theft described the suspected getaway car as a “white Audi.”

Anyone with information about the incidents is asked to call Wallingford police at (203) 294-2800. 


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