Local police urge drivers to clear snow from vehicles before heading out

Local police urge drivers to clear snow from vehicles before heading out

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Local and state police are reminding residents of the importance of clearing snow off vehicles before getting on the road.

On Monday and Tuesday, state police posted two images online showing vehicles stopped by troopers. In the first image, the entire rear windshield is covered in snow. The second image shows a van with only the top portion of the front windshield cleared. In both posts, state police noted that the fine for the violation is $120.

Wallingford Police Lt. Cheryl Bradley said Tuesday that local officers have issued several tickets for the offense since snow started falling Sunday. Bradley said it is an issue every winter, despite warnings. Along with all windshields and windows, residents need to clear the roof, hood and license plates.

“As we know traveling behind a vehicle, they can release that load of snow at any time and it could go right into the windshield of the vehicle behind it,” Bradley said. 

The size of the larger trucks and vans makes clearing them harder, Bradley said, but there are tools available to make the job easier.

“It’s still got to be done.” Bradley said. 

Bradley said police want residents to report if their vehicle is struck by snow from another vehicle, especially if they can get a license plate number. 

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