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Health fair at the Spanish Community of Wallingford helps underserved communities

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WALLINGFORD — The Spanish Community of Wallingford and Hartford Healthcare partnered to provide free health screenings and COVID-19 vaccinations on Wednesday.  

The screenings included balance, memory, blood pressure, and random glucose.

The event also featured a hands-only CPR lesson lesson and “Ask a Pharmacist,” which provided information on medications.

The flu vaccine was also available.

SCOW has held previous COVID-19 vaccination clinics, but is also trying to help underserved communities with overall health issues, said SCOW Executive Director Adriana Rodriguez.     

“Although we have been hosting vaccination clinics, we want to continue the health and wellness initiatives,” Rodriguez said. 

Kelly Roth, director of neighborhood health at Hartford Healthcare, said the pandemic has highlighted the importance of health equity. 

“The more we do this, the more we can connect with the community that needs us most,” she said. 

The Hartford HealthCare team provides mobile clinics to underserved areas four days a week.  

Elizabeth Dominquez, of Wallingford, said after having a stroke, it is important for her to stay up-to-date with her health and make sure any illness is caught on time.

It was the first time she had attended a SCOW health fair. 

Lillian Swan, a nurse at Hartford Healthcare, gave the hands-only CPR lessons.

She explained ways to administer CPR without performing mouth-to-mouth and stressed the importance of knowing CPR because oftentimes situations occur with loved ones. 

Alberto Cardova, 74, recently arrived from Ecuador. Since his family has struggled financially, the health fair helps a lot, he said.

Margarita Bonet, from New Opportunities of Greater Meriden, handed out personal protective equipment and information on rental and energy assistance during the event. 

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