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Queso for a Cause returns to benefit Spanish Community of Wallingford

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WALLINGFORD — Grabbing a delicious meal at Pancheros for dinner on Tuesday night will not only satisfy your hunger but will also help fundraise for a community-wide international celebration taking place in May. 

With last year's International Celebration having a great turnout of over 750 people, the Spanish Community of Wallingford and Wallingford Public Schools decided to fundraise for this year's event through Panchero’s Queso for a Cause. 

Queso for a Cause is the Mexican restaurant’s fundraising initiative that started in October 2022 to help nonprofit organizations. 

“A couple of months ago, SCOW held a Queso for a Cause fundraiser in the fall to raise dollars for SCOW's School of Music program,” said Adriana Rodriguez, executive director. “That was a wonderful success. The staff was very friendly, and we saw an opportunity and we wanted to host another fundraiser for our seventh annual celebration.”

On Tuesday, March 14 from 5-8 p.m., Pacheros, located at 893 N Colony Road, will donate 30 percent of each sale to the organization. The individual must present the flyer at the time of purchase for the donation to be made.

Members of SCOW’s Adelante program will also be helping out at the fundraiser.

Sara Fallahi, one of the organizers for the International Celebration and bilingual teacher at E.C. Stevens School, says that the celebration will take place on May 24 from 5:30-7:30 p.m. at SCOW, 284 Washington St.

The International Celebration highlights the different cultures that are present in Wallingford. This year's theme is Holidays & Traditions. 

“We are really grateful to Pancheros in Wallingford for giving the opportunity to SCOW and the Wallingford Public Schools to fundraise,” Rodriguez said. “We’re just so excited to give back to the community.”

In addition to fundraising through Queso for a Cause, Fallahi says that on Friday, March 10, a community-wide dress-down day took place.

“Staff throughout all the schools would donate in order to dress down for the day,” Fallahi said. “Usually teachers wear really professional clothes but they were able to wear something more casual like jeans.”

Fallahi wore her International Celebration t-shirt, which is another way the event is being funded. According to Fallahi, International Celebration t-shirts will be sold within the next month. The fundraiser will be announced through their Facebook page


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