Wallingford 350th committee still scouting fireworks location

Wallingford 350th committee still scouting fireworks location

WALLINGFORD — The Wallingford 350th Jubilee Committee is still looking for a location to launch its fireworks display after a test failed to produce the desired view from downtown.

The Jubilee Committee’s fireworks show is scheduled for Friday, June 26, 2020, as part of the weeklong celebration of the town’s founding.

The show will replace the town’s annual Fourth of July fireworks display next year.

“We were not that thrilled about not getting the (test) results we were looking to get,” said Bob Devaney, Jubilee Committee co-chair.

He said the ideal location would allow the fireworks to be visible from downtown, where a block dance will be happening at the same time, and from Masonicare, the sponsor of the Jubilee fireworks.

Four test shells were launched in June from Lufbery Park on Cheshire Road, which abuts Masonicare and its senior housing complex, Ashlar Village.

The Jubilee Committee stationed people to observe the view of the test fireworks around town.

“We’re really trying to accommodate everyone,” he said. “We want to make this the best.”

Devaney said the committee is no longer considering Lufbery Park, but has about five other locations in mind.

“We’re working on a better location at this point,” Devaney said.

Devaney said the vendor, Legion Fireworks Co. Inc., performed the test launch free of charge. The company also has done the town’s Fourth of July fireworks.

Choosing a location that provides good visibility is just one aspect. It also must have enough room to meet fire safety codes.

From a safety standpoint, the test launch “was fine,” said Fire Marshal Michael Gudelski, who also has to sign off on the location.

Gudelski said his office uses Connecticut State Fire Prevention Code guidelines on fireworks and special effects.

He said the Jubilee Committee hasn’t talked to him about another test yet.

“There are other locations,” he said, “but I don’t know if they’re going to meet the needs of what they’re looking for.”

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