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Wallingford 350th committee releases first budget in four years

Wallingford 350th committee releases first budget in four years

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WALLINGFORD — The town’s 350th Jubilee Committee recently released a budget for the first time since its formation four years ago.

As of Feb. 5, the committee — tasked with planning an eight-day celebration of the town’s founding in June — had raised a total of $126,645, including $71,000 for the jubilee parade, according to the budget. Expenditures to date total $51,263.

Christine Mansfield, 350th committee co-chair, released the information, including a financial forecast for the rest of the year, last week.

The committee had not previously released a budget, which prompted some town councilors to question Mansfield late last month about whether a financial accounting was available.

The Town Council voted Feb. 25 to give the committee $27,000, which Mansfield said was for deposits and down payments on items and services.

The town had given the committee approximately $63,500 before that, the budget shows. In 2016, the town gave the committee $45,000 specifically for the parade, and another $7,500 in 2017 not tied to a specific item.

Last fall, the council gave the committee $11,060 to purchase 350th promotional hats and shirts to sell at Celebrate Wallingford, held the first weekend of October.

In addition to town money, the committee has received donations from individuals and sponsorships from local businesses to fund the eight days of events, which include a parade, fireworks, gala ball and production of the musical “1776.”

According to the budget, Masonicare donated $19,500 to cover all expenses for a 26-minute fireworks show.

Choate Rosemary Hall gave $20,000 over three years that went toward various items, including signs and International Night events.

The $71,000 for the parade is a combination of town money, $20,000 from Ulbrich and donations from other business and individuals.

The committee and the Record-Journal have partnered on a trade agreement exchanging event sponsorship for design, printing and distribution of a commemorative magazine. Under the agreement, the company is also running an extensive marketing campaign over several months to increase awareness and attendance at the events.

Private sponsors that have not been announced yet are slated to donate $15,000 to cover costumes and production materials for “1776.”

Hartford Hospital is sponsoring $4,000 in Women’s Day event expenses.

Two unnamed funeral homes in town donated a total of $10,000 for the ball, and the committee anticipates bringing in $53,000 from ball tickets, expected to cost $125.

Another $7,500 is anticipated to be raised from the sale of a new book on Wallingford history. The committee ordered 500 copies.
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