Wallingford theater to perform ‘Our Town’ as part of Jubilee kick-off

Wallingford theater to perform ‘Our Town’ as part of Jubilee kick-off

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WALLINGFORD — Members of the Wallingford Community Theater are making final preparations to bring the production “Our Town” to the stage at the end of the month.

The show plans to run from November 22 to Nov. 24. at Town Hall in the Robert Parisi Council Chambers Hall. Each show is expected to start at 7:30 p.m. with a Sunday Matinee at 2 p.m. The play, a story by Thornton Wilder, is a classic about small-town America set in the early 1900s. Director Mary Ellen Kingsland-Eckels said the script draws parallels with the history of the town and is meant to kick off the Wallingford 350 Jubilee season.

“It’s really the quintessential story about a small-town America and really celebrating the small details of everyday life,” Kingsland-Eckels said.

The production will not have any props or a distinct set, but Kingsland-Eckels said there will be enlarged historic photos of Wallingford and a backdrop will be created using quilts from Wallingford women that are more than 100 years old. Several of the six historic quilts come from Kingsland-Eckels’s private collection. 

Christine Mansfield, co-chairperson of the Jubilee Committee, said the committee wanted to remain consistent in providing a production for the jubilee celebration because a play was performed at the last celebration 25 years ago. Mansfield said “Our Town” will serve as sort of a preamble to the reprisal of the play “1776”, which will be a three-night event in June 2020.

“They’re bringing our town history to the stage and to life,” Mansfield said. 

Kingsland-Eckels said the production is inspired by real-life and will have “nuggets of humor” in a play that is sometimes described as depressing. The Sunday matinee performance is expected to be followed by a discussion with the cast, crew, and guest Bob Beaumont from the Wallingford Historical Society. They will discuss the themes of the play and how they parallel to the history of the town.

“Being able to perform in a historic building with such a nostalgic play,”  Kingsland-Eckels said. “It’s a win, win.” 

Tickets are available online at $25 for general admission and $20 for children and seniors.

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