Wallingford couple goes all out for Halloween

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WALLINGFORD — A dark angel, many skeletons and a three-headed hound are just a few figures that are a part of a couple’s large outdoor Halloween display.

The Rashbas moved into their Clifton Street home 15 years ago and have been expanding their Halloween decorations for the past five years. 

“I love Halloween,” said Chrystal Rashba. “So I just finally decided I am going to do this. It started with the little solar LED skull and blow-ups that I had gotten from the second hand store. And it just went from there.”

The couple’s first big piece for their display was a dragon.

“That was our first big purchase and then it was downhill from there,” Larry Rashba said. “Or uphill, whichever one you want to say.”

Chrystal Rashba is particular about selecting decorations. 

“I am wicked picky,” she said. “My sister tried to buy me something last year, I was like, ‘don’t buy me anything because I have to like it that much.’ None of this stuff is cheap so if I am going to spend what the stores are asking for, I have to really like it.”

This year, the couple added the large dark angel to the display. Chrystal Rashba had to stand on a stool to set it up. Picking out the decorations is not a seasonal thing — she searches for the perfect piece to add year-round. Almost all of the figures are animatronic.

 “Almost every single thing either moves, talks,” Larry Rashba said. “... Then we have to figure out, well if we get this, does it fit? Or where does it fit? What do we have that might be like it so we don’t want something similar?”

Over the years, the couple has learned how much time and work it takes to properly put up the display. 

“We’ve had a lot of (figures) that went through some rough years,” Larry Rashba said. “And then we started learning how to better secure all of them. I’ve got rebar everywhere now that we’ve never used to use. PVC pipes that we use to secure things down.” 

The Rashbas also go all out for Christmas. Some who stop by to enjoy the displays have asked if they are going to decorate for other holidays. 

“I have people that have started stopping by on Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day,” Chrystal Rashba said. “‘When are you going to start decorating?’” 

Last year they did decorate a bit for Valentine’s Day and Easter. 

“Nothing like this,” Larry Rashba said. “But we have a following now I guess, a little bit.” 

“It makes me happy that people are enjoying it,” Chrystal Rashba added. “... It’s cool that other people want to see it.”

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