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Wallingford families celebrate Halloween with car parade 

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WALLINGFORD — Almost 200 cars lined the street waiting to pull into Sheehan High School Friday night for a town-sponsored Halloween car parade. 

The Public Celebrations Committee and local teachers collaborated to come up with “Halloween Happenings 2020” as alternative to regular trick or treating, said Roz Gallagher, committee chairwoman.  

“I brought it to our committee and it took off,” Gallagher said. “It’s just been wonderful the way everyone’s reacted to it”

Many of the decorations were donated by local businesses. Sound Spectrum Entertainment, LLC. of Wallingford, provided music for the event. Volunteers from the Wallingford Community Women’s Club carved more than 50 donated pumpkins. Dozens of volunteers from youth and civic groups helped with decorating and running the event.  

 “When you have components like that all working together, it’s a great feeling that something good is going to come out of it and that’s what we wanted,” Gallagher said.

“Especially this year for the kids, something good, something happy to happen.”

Cars pulling into Sheehan from Hope Hill Road were greeted by volunteers dressed in costumes.

As the cars traveled to the back parking lot, there were more volunteers dressed in costumes. Pumpkins, skeletons and ghosts illuminated the pathway leading to a big screen playing a short Halloween film and a table where every child received a goodie bag. 

There were five goodie bags that contained a “golden ticket” with instructions for the winners to receive a prize. 

The volunteers included students from Lyman Hall High School and Mercy High School in Middletown. 

“I heard about it through Key Club at my school and I told all of my friends,” said Sierra Gato, a Lyman Hall junior.  

Lynn Woods, a member of the Public Celebrations Committee, said the committee mostly focuses on Halloween and Christmas celebrations. She agreed with Gallagher that this event was a great substitute for Halloween amid the pandemic.

Gallagher said they were overwhelmed with the turnout and enthusiasm.  

“We anticipated a significant turnout which turned out to be an incredible turnout,” Gallagher said after the event ended.

“I am thankful to all who donated, worked, volunteered or enjoyed the evening with us.”


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