New marketplace opens in Wallingford. Here’s what you need to know. 

WALLINGFORD — Words on Wood owner Jackie Valentine recently expanded her Center Street business to feature an extensive showcase of other artisans’ products in her shop under the name Wallingford Marketplace. The marketplace, 144 Center St. in Wallingford, launched last Saturday, with nine small businesses’ products.

Here’s a rundown of everything you need to know to be kept in the loop.

What made Jackie want to house new vendors at her location?

After realizing that there were many creative small business owners with products that she liked who were unable to have their own commercial space, she decided she could utilize some of the space at Words on Wood to create new displays that would house different vendors’ products.

What kind of products can I find at the marketplace?

Words on Wood will continue to sell signs, host parties and events, and everything else the company has previously been known for. However, in addition, the Wallingford Marketplace now features soaps, cookies, soy candles, vintage clothing, handmade illustrations, and more products and crafts created by entrepreneurs in the Wallingford area.

How were the small businesses selected to collaborate with Words on Wood?

Jackie and her family had to choose between several applicants that all wanted to rent one of their custom-made stalls in the marketplace to sell their products. Ultimately, Jackie had to decide what products would best suit the store, resulting in a curated selection of many artisanal goods and crafts on display.

Are the businesses now permanent partners with Words on Wood?

Each of the small businesses have their space in the marketplace for four months, after which they can choose to renew their lease, or pass it on to a new business. This will most likely result in a rotating selection of products over time, with different small businesses being put on display.

When did Words on Wood open?

The official location opened in 2018, selling signs and hosting events such as birthdays and corporate parties. 

Do these vendors ever show up to sell their products in person?

Yes, vendors have been known to pop up at the marketplace to personally interact with the customers and discuss details about their products. 

Who are the vendors?

Here is a list of the vendors.

Words on Wood — Wooden Signs

Beanwick Candle Co. — Soy Candles

Chapter Eleven Vintage — Vintage Clothing

Dear Finn Boutique — Handmade clay jewelry

Heaven and Earth — Hand-woven baskets

Tierra Soap Co. — Handcrafted soap

Vivid Cottage — Home goods, arts, gifts

Wet Your Plants — Premium Plants

Batch — Cookies

What hours is it open?

Wallingford Marketplace is open Tuesday to Friday from 10-6 p.m., Saturday from 10-6 p.m., and Sunday from 10-4 p.m.


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