Wallingford Town Council votes to fund $7.4 million Community Pool renovation

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WALLINGFORD — The Town Council approved an amended ordinance Tuesday evening to appropriate funds and authorize bonds for the renovation of Community Pool Park.

The vote was 6-3, with Craig Fishbein, Christina Tatta and Chairman Vincent Cervoni voting against the amendment to the March 2019 ordinance, which approved spending $625,000 for the redeveloped park design.

The ordinance amendment that passed Tuesday increases the appropriation and bond authorization by $6,845,000, from $625,000 to $7,470,000.

Tatta proposed postponing the vote for 60 days to allow the town to issue a request for proposals to see if the existing pool could be renovated at a lesser cost. The motion was seconded by Councilor Tom Laffin.

Tatta said that the town ultimately would be paying back closer to $9 million with interest.

Councilor Joe Marrone said that Tatta, who was elected to the council last fall, was coming in “at the eleventh hour” and that postponement would kill the project.

The vote to postpone the motion to fund the project was 5-4, with Marrone, Gina Morgenstein, Chris Shortell, Vincent Testa and Jason Zandri voting against postponement.

Michael Savenelli Sr., Parks and Recreation Commission member and pool committee chairman, said that the timeline was to have “shovels in the ground” June 1.

The remote meeting was briefly interrupted by sexually graphic content broadcast on the audio and video feed by an unknown party, which Cervoni quickly disconnected.

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