Parks fees and waiver process are approved

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WALLINGFORD — The Town Council approved a parks facility fee schedule last week, including a new fee waiver request for nonprofits.

The fee structure describes the rental fee amounts for town parks and facilities, both indoor and outdoor, run by the Parks and Recreation Department.

Parks officials updated the fees and created a fee waiver request for nonprofit organizations seeking to use park facilities, something that hadn’t existed before.

According to the fee waiver application, requests will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Wallingford-based nonprofit organizations may request fee waivers and are required to meet eligibility qualifications set forth in the waiver.

The nonprofit must be an IRS-registered 501c3 in good standing, with a Wallingford business address.

The group also must provide documentation, such as bylaws, demonstrating its activities are exclusively nonprofit, provide a list of programs and activities sponsored by the organization in Wallingford, produce documentation that the program to be held at the parks facility will have at least 80 percent Wallingford residents as attendees, and if attendees will be required to pay to participate or attend the program, provide a description of how the program will be available to attendees who cannot afford it.

In addition to the eligibility qualifications, there are eligibility requirements.

The nonprofit must submit a letter to the Parks and Recreation director on letterhead with the reason for the fee waiver request, the location, time and date for each facility fee waiver, complete a facility reservation permit application, and submit proof of good status as a nonprofit organization, insurance information and proof that the group does not deny access to programs due to financial hardships.

All required information must be submitted 60 days prior to proposed event date. Scheduling is subject to availability and parks department programs and events have preference.

The Parks and Recreation director, or designees, will determine eligibility for the waiver. If the waiver is denied, the director will provide a written explanation for the denial. 

Any person denied a facility permit by the director may appeal to the Recreation Commission.

The appeal must be in writing, and mailed or delivered to the Parks and Recreation department within 10 days of the denial. The commission will render a decision within 15 days of the date of the appeal.

There are still some non-waivable fees, such as for Public Works overtime or police, fire or EMS personnel and custodial fees for indoor events.

Changes to the parks fee structure have required council approval only since March. Any changes to the rental fees take effect 30 days after action by the council.

The Recreation Commission is the municipal body that sets the parks fee structure. The commission would still establish the dollar amounts of the park fees and send them to the council for consideration.

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View the Wallingford Parks fees.
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