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New laundromat opens on Route 5 in Wallingford

New laundromat opens on Route 5 in Wallingford

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WALLINGFORD — Outfitted with stainless steel equipment, pendant lighting and designer chairs, the Ultra Coin 2 Laundromat opened in April with the goal of creating a comfortable experience for customers.

Owner Chris Wilson said the second location at 1118 N. Colony Rd. is bigger and more modern than Ultra Coin 1 at 857 North Main St. Ext. Ultra Coin 2 is in a plaza just north of Circle Drive.

“We understand people know it’s a pain in the neck to do laundry,” Wilson said this week. “So we wanted something comfortable, relaxing and fun.”

Wilson said at 3,000 square feet the second location is about 600 square feet bigger than the first. It has 80 pound washers that can complete eight loads of laundry in under an hour.

“... it has bigger machines, “ Wilson said. “Some of the biggest around.”

Wilson said in addition to coins, the new machines accept debit, credit, and Apple Pay. He said by adding modern aspects to the laundromat, he hopes to draw in a variety of customers.

“The old school (customers) can use quarters and the new age (customers) can use Apple pay,” Wilson said. “It satisfies both customers.”

Prices per load range from $3.75 for a 30 pound machine to $9.75 for the 80 pound machines.

Wilson said it took a year and a half for the town to approve permits before renovations could start. Building Owner Marco Verna said the renovations took around two months to complete. The work included changing gas lines and electrical to convert the former retail showroom into a functioning laundromat.

“We had to go in and completely gut it right down to the wood,” Verna said.

Verna said the ground underneath the two largest washers in the location needed to be reinforced with concrete to hold the weight. An opening reception was held Saturday.

“I could not believe how much people loved it,” Verna said. “It was extremely well received. It made us proud.”
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