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Wallingford man charged in North Haven theater bomb threat

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An 18-year-old Wallingford resident was arrested on Friday after police linked him to a bomb threat made to a theater in North Haven. 

Authorities responded to a call to the Cinemark Theater, 550 Universal Drive., at around 2 p.m, after receiving a threat about multiple bombs being placed inside the building that were apparently scheduled to go off during a 9 p.m showing of “Creed III.”

North Haven Police and the New Haven Police Hazardous Devices Unit were called to the scene and the theater was evacuated. Authorities swept the building with bomb technicians and K-9 units present. 

Police managed to trace the call to Christian Cuomo, a Wallingford resident. Following an interview and subsequent evidence found that connected Cuomo to the incident, they took him into custody at the New Haven Police Department at around 7:30 p.m. The threat was determined to be a hoax and no bombs were found on the property. 

Cuomo was charged with breach of peace and falsely reporting an incident. 


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